Encouraged by the principle  “The World will never be able to pay the people capable of finding defects in things”, he uses imagination and creativity to improve them.

He invented a dynamo for a bicycle which could obtain the same intensity of light despite a variable pace in pedalling.

 In 1960 he presented a patent in the 9th International Fair des Inventeurs in Brussels, the Revolving Automatic Light which won the Bronze Medal. It consisted of a light whixh  could turn when the car turned and thus avoid the dark area the fixed light in the cars used to leave.

In the 11th Fair in Brussels in 1961 he received an Honourable Mention for a device used to make the landing of planes easier; when the wheels of the undercarriage hit the ground they would have a turning movement which would reduce the impact on them.

In 1969 in the18th International Fair of Invertors in Brussels, he presented a system of courtesy lights to be used when cars passed each other on the road., avoiding the instance of apparent darkness that exists when two cars pass. This Light would switch on automatically when using the dipped headlights so both cars would give light to each other.

In 1971 in the 20th International Fair des Inventions et Produits Nouveaus in Brussels, he was given the Bronze Medal for a signalling devise  for cars.