Sale A


Here you can see two of his first oil paintings, the classical paintings The Falcon and January and small paintings around his easel (where you can see the untitled last painting) decorating his studio, even a wardrobe showing his main prizes, medals, diplomas and the recognition by the Town Hall of him being an honorary son of Ciutadella.



Paintings in Sale A

Ses voltes
The Arches

El labriego
The Peasant

El cura
The Priest

Rincón del puerto
Corner of the Harbour

Mi primer óleo original
My first original oil painting

Mi primer cuadro al óleo
My first oil painting

Puerto de Mahón
Mahon Harbour

Campo azul
Blue Field


El Halcon
The Falcon


El viejo
The Old Man


La barrera
The Barrier

Remendando redes
Repairing Nets


Obra sense títol inacabada
Untiled unfinished painting