The Falcon (1948). Oil-painting on cloth (65 x 54 cm)

This is one of the most well-known paintings of Torrent and it is one of the fundamental pieces of his Impressionist period. It stands out among the others because it doesn´t have a winter atmosphere, but a nice sensation of the Minorcan summer. In this painting you can see a path which leads to a country house over which is a little falcon flying. This work won the Medalla de la Diputación which was his first important prize. It was also praised by both reviews and the public

The falcon is really good in technique and composition. Torrent drew a great many wavy lines, which rise all over the painting until they reach the falcon at the top right corner. The balance between cold tones and warm ocres establishes harmony on the whole. The short brushstrokes create a smooth pace, giving a sensation of movement to the branches, to the smooth shadows which go uphill as well as to the clouds.  The composition dares to minimize the presence of  any possible point of interest such as the donkey which walks up the path, the house which stands out from the horizon or the gate at the bottom left hand corner of the picture. When minimizing these figures, the group as a whole becomes the centre, together with the game with the shadows of the trees and the wavy uphill path.