El hombre, 1981
The Man

38 x 46 cm, oli on canvas

               This small painting is one of Torrent's most interesting. In it he manages to unite tenderness and pain, literature and pictorial expression, and personal style and puryti of resources. It is an emblem of the artist's sensitivity which became the icon that has come to represent. The Year of Torrent that the Town Hall and local Government delicated to him.
               The painting is done in cold and poor colours. The base of fine lines show the fragility of the person and the uncertain space he lives in. The paint is so scarce that it doesn't even cover the whole canvas and the colour is dirty, broken and worn.
                The composition is centred around a man with his back to us who is limping towards a bench in the street, it is accompanied by a tree in the foreground and three more in the background. With so few elements Torrent forces us to fix our gaze on the old man, lame hunchbacked, poor maybe sick and badly treated by life. This man who is dragging his feet with difficulty towards an iron bench where no one awaits him, maybe to rest a while before continuing on his way in this non existent city. This story of hardship, like Becket, doesn't have the despai or nihilismof existentialists, it is closer to the tender and compassionate complaint of Charlie Chaplin, recuing human dignity beyond economic and social conditions