This web site is the fruit of work by many people to whom I would like to express my gratitude and recognition of this space.

Especially to:

Joan Elorduy, art critic and great connoisseur of the work of the maestro Torrent to whom he has dedicated many publications, among them the Llibre Torrent (Torrent Book).

From this book I have taken the commentaries that appear next to the paintings from the permanent exhibition which have helped me to read in depth the prolific paintings of my father in law and, without doubt they will be of help to you dear visitors of the web site.

Gabriela Julia, student of the paintings and personality of the artist. Author of the book The Artist Josep. R. Torrent and his paintings, from where the commentaries on Torrent the inventor come. The wonderful exhibition in the catalogue ²Aixi de gran² (So Big) made for the anthological exhibition and the 85th birthday of the artist in the section Bosquejo de una vida de artista (Sketch of an artists life). Speech made in the Casa de Cultura on the 28th July 1989 by the Town Hall of Ciutadella in order to pay homage to the artist. Author too of the exquisite speech made in order to declare Torrent an honorary son of Ciutadella and published in five instalments in the newspaper Diario de Menorca.

Lisa Valcepina, who as director and coordinator of the present remodelling of the Permanent Exhibition has made the route through said exhibition a real delight.

 To the sons and daughters of Torrent, their constant enthusiasm in digitalising the paintings

Jose Torrent Pallicer, for the advertising and design of the exhibition.

Joan Alles, audiovisual presentations.

To my brother Antoni Guasch for his technical advice for the construction of this web site.

In all cases of errors and defects on this page, I the author, Joan Guasch Bosch am solely responsible. Suggestions are welcome.