Under the Arches, 1988

41 x 33cm, oil on canvas


This is one of the most modern and simple of Torrentīs paintings (maybe the simplicity is in the modernity). At the age of eighty he painted this way, with crushing security and ease. A direct brushstroke creates the arches that perfectly frames the figures. With a dry brush he makes the grey and white tones and with a spatula using grey and ochre he reinforces the depth of the scene. Very agile, even insinuated, leaving the spectator the sensation of almost abstract space. The two figures are also highlighted with a couple of almost monochrome hints. Less is more. To such a point that it is almost impossible to make out the female figures carrying babies. This double maternity that obsessed him so much in his last years. How far he has come since those sad and dark paintings of Ses Voltes!