Predio menorquin, 1967
Menorcan Farmhouse

81 x 100 cm, oli on canvas

         The most outstanding Baroque painting that Torrent did during this period. Here we see the majority of his discoveries and elements of style that build up at breakneck speed. We see the invention of the Menorcan landscape with a high horizon and a birds eye view. From the scene, the two humble characters on a path talking in the bottom of the painting, the trees without leaves, the lack of shadows, the pure colours and fauvist harmony on a dominant reddy orange, the flat brushstroke marking the rhythm along the sinuous outline. The rhythm of the painting is dizzying and the spectators eye cannot rest on any one point of the painting without being drawn to observe the rest it. It is like a shaken up and wounded earth, like a river of burning lava in continuous movement.