60 x 73 cm,oli/tela

      In this work can distinguish the work begun with the pasted ones and scratched, the alterations in the composition as for example the tracks of a chair in which there had sat down the personage of the first term(end) to the right and of the one that now seems that it(he,she) gives an alms to the personage sat in the corner.
       This choice(election) for making evident the pictorial processes and the appearance of unfinished work, is absolutely modern, as well as the ambiguity with the one that solves the figure of another low end of the picture with four outlines and two spots. But undoubtedly the most prominent thing is the beastly(great) force of the color, which it(he,she) might remember(remind) the new German expressionists of the nineties, more than the past "fauves", with a few explosive and less harmonious contrasts.

        The color is used as sign of exclamation by the title(degree) of the picture, the pauper, the charitable one, the young man and the old man, the woman and the emigrant, they are persons