On the Left a number of paintings related to the sea. The relationship between Torrent and the sea is very special; he paints it in all  sorts of colours, brown, black, red and gold but very seldom in blue. Sometimes a small bather or solitary boat give it scale.
           On the right, paintings of the theme of earth. Curiously he also paints this in all colours but green. These surfaces of colour are viewed with some recognisable element, to give scale and meaning to the composition, like a barrier, a path or a tree. In those chromatic games the rhythm created by the brushstrokes take on great relevance.

Paintings of the Corridor

La playa humilde
The Humble Beach

Dos botes
Two Containers

Mar amarillo
Yellow sea

El mar
The Sea


La barrera sola
The lonely Barrier

Campo amarillo
Yellow Fields

Tierra de labor
Work Soil

Los dos senderos
The Two Paths

La barrera.
The Barrier


La charla
The Talk