Molino en Mercadal, 1959

Mill in Mercadal, 1959

86 x 117 cm, oli / tela

Medal of Honour, XVIII Autumn Exhibition, Palma, 1959

With this painting Torrent won the above mentioned prize in 1968 but the Town Hall refused to pay him the 25 000 pesetas which allowed them to keep the painting, something which caused a scandal and the support of many artists from Mallorca and Menorca. Today nobody doubts the value of this painting, one of the apexes of his own fauvist period.

It is a fairly free interpretation of the landscape of Mercadal with the Monte Tore mountain in the background. Of special interest is the distortion between the lines and the symphony of  warm colours. A painting made up of lines that highlight the shapes and which rise in diagonally and in angles from the foreground to the top of the mountain. The drawing is intentionally distorted, as if the buildings were made of a soft material and the countryside is more rural and mountainous than in reality. The main coulour is a reedy orange, which he combines with dirty whites and complementary greens. In this characteristic painting again plays a lead role in the direction of his brushstrokes, very Van Gogh and sure of itself it creates a vibrant rhythm as if the landscape were a sea lit up and agitated by the wind. We cannot keep our eye on one single point and we are pushed to observe the whole surface of the painting.