My First Oil-painting Picture, 1927


This painting probably represents a vegetable garden on the outskirts of Ciutadella. It is important to point out that he wrote on the back of this painting that he considered it as his fisrt Picture.

In this painting you can already see his mastery in sorting out a composition dominated by two diagonal lines which turn into a great inside dynamism. You can also feel the quality of technique in a self-taught artist who had never seen the French or Catalan Impressionists. The drawing is very fresh (far from the serious and elitist style of the binds he could see in La Esfera), the landscape is really light and weel-harmonized with warm colours.  We can also discover one of his constant features at the time of making up the painting i.e. the horizontal lines very high up and the figures very small to give scale to the painting as a whole.

There are about twenty paintings which belong to this period of formation, most of them  landscapes, woodland scenes, some still natures and some protraits, all of them in small format.