Mercado de Pollensa, 1947
Pollensa Market

55 x 46 cm, oli on canvas

           Along with Jannuary these where the most oustanding from his first stay in Mallorca. Direct witnesses assure us that it was painted in two and a half hours. Torrent never wanted to put a priceon this painting as he considered it one of his best works.
            It is reallya masterpiece because of the way it captures the atmosphere and the shape in the impressionist way. Pollensa Market is framed by three trees that vertically define the painting and three horizontal planes, the pavement, the people and the buildings with the buyers  and sellers of the market under the rhytthm of umbrellas, the short brushstrokes facilitate the movement and at the same time fuse some of the caracters into others until they become a crowd where only one solitary and  still character with a duel bracelet, very characteristic of those years, stand out. But above and over the structure, rhythm and characters what stands out most is the way he handles the shades of colours, a range of browns and powerful and exact greys.
            The group of artits from Pollensa were impressed with these paintings for two reasons: one, their surprise at a complerely unknown artist and secondly because noneof them had been able to discover, in their one country, those grey and wintery atmospheres.