Los viejos, 1955

The Old People, 1955

100 x 81 cm, oli / tela

This painting is the apex of his transition to impressionist brushstrokes prior to his visit to Paris and his own post impressionist style of the 60s. It is interesting to observe the rigorous step by step evolution of all of the artists career; especially the significant change between South Country of 1953, Farmhouse of 1954 through to The Old People of 1955 up until he established his stylistic base that would be his greatest works like Mill in Mercadal or Boats in the Bay. We can appreciate, for example, how the shadows light up by applying purer colours or the incorporation of red as the dominant colour and transformer of the sweet landscapes of  Menorca into something strong and vibrant.

The Old People is a painting of Cezanne style, which reminds us of the works by the French artist of the Provenzal mountain of Saint Victoire. Torrent applies the decomposition in layers of colour in order to build up depth without using tones, but  instead using pure colours and without giving importance to the distance he gives to the landscape in question.