Enero, 1947
50 x 61 cm, oli on canvas

          This painting is , without doubt, one of the best from his impressionist period. It was warmly welcomed by critics, even Tito Citadini, when it was included in his first exibithion in Palma in 1948.
          Jannuary is an almost monochrome painting, with a rich range of ochres and earthy greys that give it is dominant wintery feeling. It its this foggy atmosphere and the shading of the Mallorcan mountains, done in loose but confident brushstrokes that demostrate the mastering of the impressionist technique. The composition achieves a balance between the different areas which progress rtythmically through the use of diagonal lines that make up the mountain and the roofs of the houses. The location of the leatless tree which fragments de white stain of the house, the figure in the foreground and the counterpoint of the telegraph pole all perfectly balance the composition.
The theme is also one of Torrent's favourites, poor rural houses. the dense atmosphere of a hostile nature and the humanfigure with its  back to us integrated in to the landscape