Campo y pueblo, 1948
Country and Village

54 x 65 cm, oli on canvas

                 A magnificent transition painting where we can appreciate the impressionist stance and new solutions more closely linked to Cezanne by its interpretation of space and colour. It shows a view of Mercadal and it is very interesting to compare it to Mill in Mercadal (1968) with which it shares its angle and where we can see a greater security in colours, drawing and harmony. With all these transition paintings of special attraction: we can appreciate the differences between the left of the painting, more impressionistic in its materials, and the play with light and illuminated shadows of the right which makes it more constructive and the lines and levels play a more important role than the light efects.
               We must point out once more the wonderful composition of the painting with the use of diagonal lines that horizontally cross the painting, and the importance of the mill tower wich with great sublety imposes its vertical order, made to stand out with a later added shading.