Self portrait, 1935

44 x 35cm, oil on canvas


This is the only self portrait Torrent did. It could be a sign of little modesty and how little he was interested in himself, he never felt as if he were the star of his paintings. All the portraits he did are prior to his dedication to painting. A good drawer and cartoonist, he always refused studio portraits and instead preferred to paint people in the streets.

In 1935 Torrent was 31 years old. What stands out in the self portrait is not only the image of the artist in a white coat and beret but also the total absence of a palette, brushes or other artists tools. It is like a hidden painter who still doesn´t show his paintings but who already feels like an artist. As a portrait it is quite credible, with a decided feel and a little primitive which reminds us of the drawings he did during that period. The attractiveness of his honest and blue eyes stand out. Another thing that stands out is the tidiness that the whole painting breathes, as much in the technique, where he already shows little interest in shadows,  the effect of the chiaroscuro and the classical and clean composition.