The Year of the artist Torrent 2004 which the Consell Insular of Menorca declared in celebration of the centenary of the birth of the artist.
Following on you can see the main activities carried out




2004 calendars, edited by the Consell Insular of Menorca, with the printing of 13 paintings by Torrent (one on the cover page and one for every month of the year).



Mural que colgó en la avenida Negrete/Plaça dels pins...Més


Murals done by students of the Municipal art school that were exhibited in the centre of Ciutadella



Supplement from the newspaper UH from October 2004 in order to commemorate the centenary of his birth.


His work and his career are analysed.  Of interest are the opinions given on Pepe Torrent by different people linked to the art world .






In this other supplement from UH to celebrate the centenary of his birth, Juan Elorduy analyses his work:

According to Eldoruy:

²He followed his own process of creation getting close to the vanguard of the twentieth century²

²His work fits in with that of Spanish expressionism, a feeling of pain coming from the earth.²



The Consell Insular along with the collaboration of the Town Halls of Mahon, Ciutadella, Palma, Barcelona, the Balearic Government and the Generalitat of Catalunya organise a anthological exhibition The Power of the Colour which tours these cities. In Ciutadella it was visited by more than 10000 people.


On the 10th December 2004 the Town Hall pays homage to the artist Torrent by declaring him honorary son of Ciutadella. He is the first artist to be named so.




The professor and art historian, Gabriel Julia, was named judge of the Town Hall of Ciutadella in order to write a report of his merits in order to declare the artist Josep Robert Torrent Prats an hoborary son of Ciutadella.


The artist Biel Camps (former student and good friend) received the order to immortalise on canvas the figure of Torrent, which is hung in the Gothic Salon of the Town Hall of Ciutadella.


Portrait of Torrent located in the Gothic Salon of the Town Hall of Ciutadella.


Leaflets with different themes from Torrent´s paintings which were given out to cafes and restaurants around Menorca.



Ciutadella Town Hall gave out for free during 2004 around 5000 fans of a painting by Torrent.

Commemorative exhibition of the Philatelic Group i Numismatical of Ciutadella, in the Room Jerónimo Marqués of Ciutadella's Artistic Circle